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Taha Auto Parts

TahaAutoparts is Part of Taha Auto Group who is licensed and authorized car wrecking company in New Zealand. We are established since decades and are having great experience in car removal and used car parts business. We are experienced auto appraisers who will do an actual appraisal of your car. We can solve every question and query you have due to our vast experience in the car parts industry. We are known to offer accurate cash offers for your unwanted or scrap cars. Our staff is always polite and amicable and you can always rely on us, as we will never dodge you. We accept all types of scrap cars, dull-damaged cars, accidental cars etc. and pay top cash for them. We are the best alternative to selling your scrap cars to local scrap car dealers and local dismantlers who are not paying good cash.

Cash For Cars

Looking to sell your car? Taha Auto Parts offers a hassle-free Cash For Cars service. Whether your vehicle is in working condition or not, we provide a fair evaluation and offer competitive prices for your used cars. Our process is straightforward, transparent, and designed to make the selling experience convenient for you.

We take old and used scrap Cars and wreck them for further recycling process. We can offer you up to $9999 cash for all types of scrap or Unwanted Vehicle, including free Car removal from your given location.

Quality Car Parts Supply

At Taha Auto Parts, we specialize in providing top-notch, quality car parts to customers across New Zealand. Our inventory includes a diverse range of components such as Tail Gates, Mirrors, Bonnets, Bumpers, Radiator Supports, Grilles, Doors, Guards, Side Panels, Head Lamps, Tail Lamps, and Engines. Each part undergoes thorough inspection to ensure its reliability and performance. We take pride in offering genuine and authentic components to meet the needs of various makes and models.

Provide Authentic Car Parts

At Taha Auto Parts, authenticity is at the core of our commitment to delivering high-quality car parts to our valued customers. When we say we provide authentic car parts, we emphasize a dedication to sourcing components that meet the original specifications and standards set by the manufacturers.

Major Brands Coverage

Our inventory encompasses parts for major car brands, including BMW, Audi, Volkswagen, Toyota, Mercedes, and Nissan. Taha Auto Parts is dedicated to providing compatibility and reliability for a wide range of vehicle models. Whether you drive a luxury car or an everyday commuter, our selection of major brand parts ensures that you find the right components for your vehicle.


If you have a car that’s no longer in use and taking up valuable space, Taha Auto Parts provides efficient CAR REMOVALS services. We handle the removal of old, damaged, or unwanted vehicles, ensuring proper disposal and recycling in an environmentally friendly manner. Our team takes care of the entire removal process, making it easy for you to clear space while contributing to responsible car disposal practices.

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